Minnesota Health Care Programs Application


Eligibility for Minnesota Health Care Programs is now determined by MnSure, Minnesota’s new online insurance exchange that was established by the Affordable Care Act.  MnSure is a private/public partnership that is governed by a board of directors that is appointed by the Governor of Minnesota.  For more information on MnSure, click here.

Applying online using the MnSure website is the recommended way for applying for a Minnesota Health Care Program (Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare and Advanced Premium Tax Credits). Applying online is recommended because most of your information can be electronically verified and you can get an immediate eligibility determination. However, there is a paper application available.

What you may need to apply (verification documents):

If you use MnSure's website to apply online, your personal information will most likely be electronically verified so you won't have to provide any documentation. This, as well as real-time eligibility determination, are the advantages to using the online application instead of the paper application. However, you can download a paper application.

If your information cannot be electronically verified, you may be asked to provide the following for those household members who are applying to the program:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship such as passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of identity such as a driver’s license, school identification or Minnesota identification card
  • Proof of acceptable immigration status such as a visa, passport or green card (Pregnant women do not need to supply proof of immigration status)
  • Copies of medical bills for past three months if applying for retroactive coverage

For everyone in the household:

  • Proof of pregnancy (if applicable) such as a doctor’s statement
  • Proof of income for the past 30 days such as pay stubs or employer statement (or proof of income for past three months if applying for retroactive coverage)
  • Proof of income from other sources other than work (unemployment, pensions, annuities, dividends or other taxable interest, Social Security, disability payments, worker’s compensation, alimony, and/or rent or royalties.)

Do not send original documents. Make a copy of all proofs that you have been asked to send.

Other rules that may affect your eligibility:

  • Citizenship Requirement: You must be a U.S. citizen or have an acceptable immigration status.

  • Residency Requirement: You must live in Minnesota or show intent to stay in Minnesota.

Assistance in applying for health care programs is available. Click here to learn more about how you can get help with MnSure applicaiton from a navigator or assister. 

For tips on filling out the MnSure application and more information, click here.